1-hour Portfolio Review


1-hour Portfolio Review


This one-on-one portfolio review* with Giuseppe Castellano is designed for participants of all experience levels. Over a one-hour Google video chat, the participant will:

  • Receive a portfolio review. We will identify areas of strength as well as areas that need further improvement.

  • Discuss best practices when building a portfolio.

  • Gain further insight into what art directors look for when reviewing portfolios.

  • Receive in-depth technical advice on your medium of choice.

  • Examine next steps on your journey as an illustrator. These next steps are catered to the participant and their specific areas of interest.

There is no deadline to enrolling in an Illustration Department workshop.


“I believe that any illustrator, who is preparing for an industry portfolio review or showcase, should without a doubt, spend an hour with Giuseppe reviewing their portfolio.”—Tanja B.