3-in-1 Bundle


3-in-1 Bundle


The 3-in-1 Bundle* includes each of our evergreen offerings—at a great discount!

When you sign up, we will work with you to schedule the picture book dummy workshop, the illustration workshop, and the portfolio consultation—in your preferred order.

You can take all three back-to-back-to-back, or spread them out by months. It’s entirely up to you!

 *There is no deadline to enrolling in an Illustration Department workshop.


Testimonials for each offerings:

The Picture Book Dummy Workshop was a great experience. The time and attention Giuseppe gave to my work was extraordinary. His critiques were candid and professional. I learned a great deal from him and highly recommend the workshop to anyone serious about working in illustration.—KB

I have worked with Giuseppe in group settings in the past, and I recently took his three week one-on-one workshop. With a wealth of experience and knowledge about illustration and the industry, Giuseppe gave me great advice about how to improve my illustrations and portfolio as well as helpful guidance on my career in general.—SL

My 1-hour consultation with Giuseppe was extremely productive and helpful. His feedback was detailed and helped me think of some new ways to improve illustrations in my upcoming picture book. Giuseppe’s guidance is invaluable to anyone seeking professional advice for their illustration portfolio or a new book project. I highly recommend Giuseppe and his workshops!—AB