Emailed Portfolio Review


Emailed Portfolio Review


This recorded audio/video portfolio review from Giuseppe Castellano is designed for illustrators of all experience levels.

Giuseppe records his review of your work, and sends you an MP3 file—in which you will:

  • Receive in-depth analysis on their work. Giuseppe will identify areas of strength, and areas that need further development.

  • Learn best practices when building a portfolio.

  • Get technical advice on their medium (or media) of choice.

  • Gain further insight into what art directors look for when reviewing portfolios.

Our emailed portfolio review is a simple, timely way to hear from an industry veteran; and to take that next step on your creative journey.

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A Testimonial on Giuseppe’s Portfolio Reviews

“I recently had an Emailed Review and it was absolutely worth it! Very useful critique with actionable steps, what's working/needs work, all packaged in a professional tone and delivery. Don't put this off, do it today.” —Nico. E.

How it Works

After you sign up, Giuseppe will—within a week—email you his review. Check out this 20-second video for more on how it works.


If you have any questions about this offering—or any of our other offerings—feel free to email Sarah at