2-month Foundation Studies


2-month Foundation Studies


Our 2-month Foundation Study with Giuseppe Castellano examines the business and practice of illustration. Through assignments, critiques, discussions, and demonstrations, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of illustration. They will also take significant strides in finding their own visual voice—and how it can be applied in today’s market.

Attendees will meet with Giuseppe once a week for eight weeks.

  • Weeks 1 and 2: We will discuss drawing as an essential building block for illustration. In-class exercises and out-of-class assignments will be given.

  • Weeks 3 and 4: We will discuss the myriad painting methods illustrators can use to express color and value. A presentation on color theory will be given. We will begin working on two portfolio pieces.

  • Week 5: We will review everyone’s sketches for their (2) portfolio pieces.

  • Week 6: We will discuss the history of illustration, with a focus on how these lessons apply within today’s discussions of inclusion and self-expression.

  • Week 7: We will discuss best business practices. Topics will include finding (and working with) clients, curating websites, building a social media presence, negotiating contracts, and more.

  • Week 8: For our final class, we will review everyone’s final (2) portfolio pieces.

Classes are conducted through Google Hangouts—an easy-to-use web chat platform.

Classes are limited to 8 people.

If you have any questions about this offering—or any of our other offerings—feel free to email Sarah at sarah@illustrationdept.com.

We hope to see you!



Classes are held between 9:00 PM EST and 10 PM EST on the following days:

Due to the popularity of this course, we’ll be offering it again in the Summer. We’ll post dates soon.