The 3-week Picture Book Dummy Workshop


The 3-week Picture Book Dummy Workshop


This one-on-one workshop* with Giuseppe Castellano is designed for participants of all experience levels who want to work on their picture book dummy. Over the course of three weeks, the participant will:

  • Engage in two, 1-hour discussions with Giuseppe via Google video chat. No Google account is necessary.
  • Discuss the anatomy of a picture book: composition, rhythm, spot art vs. full bleed, the relationship between art and text, dos and don’ts, submission policies, and more.
  • Work on their picture book dummy. Through two video chats—and one emailed critique—the participant will finish the workshop with the tools needed to move their picture book dummy forward.

Bonus! Depending on the status of your manuscript, Giuseppe will provide you with a designed PDF of your dummy. 

The schedule is as follows:

  • Week 1: Participate in a live, one-hour picture book dummy consultation via Google video chat. An assignment will be provided. The sketch for the assignment will be due on Week 2.
  • Week 2: You will submit your assignment via email. I will provide an emailed critique with directions on proceeding to the next step.
  • Week 3: Participate in the second, live, 1-hour video chat. Progress on your dummy will be reviewed. A Q&A discussing topics of your interest (agents, marketing, etc.) will follow.

There is no deadline to enrolling in an Illustration Department workshop.