Frequently Asked Questions About
The Illustration Department

Q. Is there a waiting list?
A. No. When you sign up, we schedule your time(s) at our mutual convenience.

Q. What do I need?
A. For our video chats, you'll need a computer with a camera and a microphone. Most modern computers have these built in. Giuseppe will provide a link to the video chats before the scheduled times. It’s also best to have headphones to avoid occasional audio feedback.

Q. Can you join at any time?
A. Yes. You can join the workshops at any time.

Q. I’m interested in taking one of your portfolio review’s, but I’m wondering if it’s relevant for someone looking at cracking editorial work, or if you only specialise in publishing?
A. The workshops are for both children’s and editorial illustrators.

Q. Is there a specific start time, or is that up to my/your schedule?
A. There is no specific start time. We can set up a schedule that works for both of us.

Q. Should I complete a dummy before the Picture Book Dummy Workshop, or is the first video chat meant to help me gather my ideas so I can create it during the three weeks?
A. You don’t need a completed dummy. It can be in any stage (even as just an idea).

Q. Are you only offering consults for a limited time, or will you extend it into next year? 
A. These workshops will extend indefinitely.