David Goldman

Artist Representative/Personal Manager/Producer and Founder of David Goldman Agency, David Goldman, talks to Giuseppe Castellano about his role as an agent; why he would rather starve than give up an artist’s rights; what fees illustrators get from magazines and children’s book publishers; and how the illustration world has changed since 1980.

David also shares what he thinks is the “key most important thing” anyone in a creative field should be attempting to do.

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Javaka Steptoe

Author and illustrator, Javaka Steptoe, talks to Giuseppe Castellano about what it was like growing up with his father—the renowned John Steptoe.

Among other topics, they discuss John’s relationship with Ursula Nordstrom; his art-making process; and how Javaka felt about modeling for his dad’s books.

Later, Javaka explains why he thinks collage is “a means of survival”; he describes getting the 3:00 AM phone call from the Caldecott committee; and he shares his thoughts on Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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Leo Espinosa

Illustrator and Designer, Leo Espinosa talks to Giuseppe Castellano about how the passing of his father led a 13-year old Leo to drawing.

They discuss Leo’s upbringing in Bogotá, Colombia; the relationship between illustration and graphic design; Milton Glaser’s life-changing influence (professionally and personally); the beauty of a pencil; and how immigrants (and their hyphen American children) have shaped children’s literature.

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Peter Jaszi

Copyright Law expert and former Professor of Law, Peter Jaszi, talks to Giuseppe Castellano about his career studying, writing about, practicing, and teaching copyright law “in historical and cultural contexts”.

They then chat about the life and unsolved mysteries of Peter’s step-grandfather—and Little Golden Books illustrator—Tibor Gergely (pronounced gare-GAY).

Lastly, Peter and Giuseppe discuss the legality of fan art (using Batman as an example); copyright vs. trademark; the real deal behind the “poor man’s copyright”; and why and how illustrators should legally protect their work.

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Emily Keyes

Agent, Emily Keyes, talks to Giuseppe Castellano about her path to becoming an agent; the (sometimes) esoteric world of foreign rights and sub-rights; and the 3 things you should know before submitting to an agent.

They then discuss mental health; the need for neurodiversity in children’s literature; and why Wormtongue from The Lord of the Rings is wrong about you.

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Leonard S. Marcus

Leonard S. Marcus talks to Giuseppe Castellano about how the challenges he experienced in learning to read set Leonard on the path of becoming a leading children’s literature historian—and best-selling author.

Then, Leonard and Giuseppe get into a 1962 Pontiac Bonneville (as seen here, illustrated by Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman) as they travel through 150 years of children’s book history—with visits to the Puritans; Caldecott and Potter; Little Golden Books; Ursula Nordstrom and the birth of Early Readers; Sendak’s “trilogy”; Keats, Steptoe and the origins of diverse books; and much, much more.

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Jon Cockley

Jon Cockley, co-founder of Handsome Frank, talks to Giuseppe Castellano about how fatherhood was a catalyst for starting his illustration agency. He takes us through the first Handsome Frank meeting (in a pub); the “mind-blowing” experience of landing their first international client; and how they find illustrators to represent.

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Floyd Cooper

Author and illustrator, Floyd Cooper, talks to Giuseppe Castellano about how a weatherman in Tulsa, Oklahoma—and a character named “gusty”—stoked Floyd’s love of drawing. He also talks about his bumpy experiences with Hallmark; how Mark English became a friend and mentor; and why Eloise Greenfield’s insistence—in 1987—that her publisher hire a black illustrator launched Floyd’s publishing career.

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Jim Hoover, Part 1 of 2

Multi-award-winning children’s book art director, Jim Hoover, talks to Giuseppe Castellano about his failed attempt at working for The Simpsons; what it’s like to talk to Maurice Sendak and Hilary Knight on the phone; how he finds illustrators; and why he never wants to hear, “Are we married to this illustrator”.

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Mark Mills

Mark Mills, founder of Plum Pudding—one of the world’s leading children’s illustration agencies, talks to Giuseppe Castellano about the origin of his agency; how art schools (and other agencies) are taking advantage of artists; and why every illustrator who submits to Plum Pudding for representation gets a reply. “Every one.”

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Lisa Brown

Author/Illustrator and educator, Lisa Brown, talks with Giuseppe Castellano about the world of Edward Gorey; why Twitter is a “nest of vipers”; where they stand on digital vs. traditional media; and how contemporary children’s book illustration is going through a revolution.

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