Peter Jaszi

Copyright Law expert and former Professor of Law, Peter Jaszi, talks to Giuseppe Castellano about his career studying, writing about, practicing, and teaching copyright law “in historical and cultural contexts”.

They then chat about the life and unsolved mysteries of Peter’s step-grandfather—and Little Golden Books illustrator—Tibor Gergely (pronounced gare-GAY).

Lastly, Peter and Giuseppe discuss the legality of fan art (using Batman as an example); copyright vs. trademark; the real deal behind the “poor man’s copyright”; and why and how illustrators should legally protect their work.

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Leonard S. Marcus

Leonard S. Marcus talks to Giuseppe Castellano about how the challenges he experienced in learning to read set Leonard on the path of becoming a leading children’s literature historian—and best-selling author.

Then, Leonard and Giuseppe get into a 1962 Pontiac Bonneville (as seen here, illustrated by Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman) as they travel through 150 years of children’s book history—with visits to the Puritans; Caldecott and Potter; Little Golden Books; Ursula Nordstrom and the birth of Early Readers; Sendak’s “trilogy”; Keats, Steptoe and the origins of diverse books; and much, much more.

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