Floyd Cooper


Author and illustrator, Floyd Cooper, talks to Giuseppe Castellano about how a weatherman in Tulsa, Oklahoma—and a character named “gusty”—stoked Floyd’s love of drawing. He also talks about his bumpy experiences with Hallmark; how Mark English became a friend and mentor; and why Eloise Greenfield’s insistence—in 1987—that her publisher hire a black illustrator launched Floyd’s publishing career.

Lastly, Floyd explains what he meant when he said “humanity has no pigeonhole”—and how that applies to the contemporary publishing landscape.

Here are a few of the authors and illustrators mentioned: Mark English, Thomas Blackshear, Alex Bostic, Eloise Greenfield, Tom Feelings, Jerry Pinkney, Virginia Hamilton, and Bernie Fuchs.

To learn more about Floyd, visit floydcooper.com.

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