Jon Cockley


Jon Cockley, co-founder of Handsome Frank, talks to Giuseppe Castellano about how fatherhood was a catalyst for starting his illustration agency. He takes us through the first Handsome Frank meeting (in a pub); the “mind-blowing” experience of landing their first international client; and how they find illustrators to represent.

Despite the problems Jon sees in illustration—from publishers capturing more of an artist’s rights to what he calls “Algorithm Anxiety”—he explains why, “it’s very possible to earn a very good living being an illustrator”.

While they no longer respond to every submission for representation, Jon says they absolutely look at every one. Email no less than 9 illustrations as low-res JPGs (approx. 1000px longest edge) to:

To learn more about Handsome Frank, visit

He mentioned an article he wrote called, “Algorithm Anxiety”. You can read it by following this link.

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