Leo Espinosa


Illustrator and Designer, Leo Espinosa talks to Giuseppe Castellano about how the passing of his father led a 13-year old Leo to drawing.

They discuss Leo’s upbringing in Bogotá, Colombia; the relationship between illustration and graphic design; Milton Glaser’s life-changing influence (professionally and personally); the beauty of a pencil; and how immigrants (and their hyphen American children) have shaped children’s literature.

Here are a few illustrators mentioned: Milton Glaser, Paul Rand, Yves Chaland, Xavier Mariscal, Mary Blair, Alice and Martin Provensen, Aurelius Battaglia, Abner Graboff, Alex Ducal, Alexander Girard, and Miroslav Šašek.

I mention the mysterious Abner Graboff—about whom Maurice Sendak said, Whatever happened to him? He was really good. Here’s an interview of Jon Graboff that speaks to his father’s claim of the CBS logo.

To learn more about Leo, visit studioespinosa.com.

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